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Meet our Team of Travel Experts!


Fred Schejtman

General Manager & Travel Experts Team Leader

With over 20 years experience in the travel industry, Fred has become a respected and acclaimed expert. His knowledge and expertise are only surpassed by his ability to roll all of that know-how into a personalized fashion; delivering a First‑Class, Worry‑Free and unparalleled level of service to our guests.
When not catering to our company's beloved guests, Fred is spending quality time with his 2 children and wife, traveling the world, or rocking his guitar.

"No company or individual has ever provided anything close to the perfection we received from Fred and his team in terms of a first class, creative and personalized trip. Our trip was literally a perfect experience." - Arthur Muchin and Claire Levenberg

"Fred would be the only person we would call to plan a perfectly executed customized trip." - Neal and Barbara Eisner

"Our agent, Fred, was very professional, calm and friendly. He was the best Travel Agent we ever dealt with." - Fikret Dulger & Jimena Basilico

"When one of our bags did not arrive in Iguazu, Fred was able to trace it immediately and arranged delivery to our hotel within a few hours." - Maria Ester and Ponciano Bautista

"Fred put together an outstanding itinerary and even made a personal appearance when we needed some emergency medical assistance. We would never have been able to work through a Buenos Aires emergency room like we did, without him. If it had it not been for his assistance, we would have missed our same day flight connection and some of the very best parts of the trip." - Joe and Mary Mahoney

"Thank you Fred for your outstanding service and personal approach especially arranging a wheelchair for my husband when he fell down in Iguassu. We did not miss a single spot in Iguassu to enjoy!" - Sujata & Jyotirjiban Bhattacharya

"Our honeymoon couldn't have worked out any better. We had a fantastic trip from start to finish and we can't thank Fred enough." - Robin Osullivan and Gillian Brohan

"Throughout our trip we felt that we always had a 'guardian angel' watching over us." - Mary & Douglas Gregory and Family

"Fred went above and beyond, when I was rushed to the hospital in Buenos Aires for appendicitis. He came to the hospital frequently during my stay, providing essential Spanish-English translation between the doctors, nurses, and us." - Louise Laurence and Douglas Hamilton

"The meticulous attention to detail and personal service was unsurpassed. Our trip to Argentina was one of the best vacations we have taken, and absolutely stress free thanks to Fred and Exploration Journeys!" - Stephen and Elizabeth Trehu

"Just prior to leaving the US, Wanda experienced an injury to her leg necessitating the use of a cane and wheelchair... Had Fred not been there, and had the tour guides he chose not been who they were, this trip could have been a total disaster. Instead, it was, without a doubt, the best trip ever." - Russell Haig and Wanda Wood

"Most impressive, however, was the reaction of Fred when we could have been stranded at one of our sites because of an airline strike. He immediately responded with effective action in finding flights for continuing our journey. It is not an overstatement that he saved the latter part of our vacation!" - Don and Nancy Tortorice

"Fred covered every basis so there was no room for error or confusion." - Wendy Murrian and Frances Jones

"All the guides, drivers, services, punctuality, etc. were excellent. But the jewel of the crown was Fred's professionalism and great understanding." - Wael Ismail and Khawla Al Masri

"Fred is a perfectionist and treats his clients professionally. This trip turned out to be the trip of a lifetime - absolutely unforgettable thanks to Fred!" - Neal And Barbara Eisner


Brazil General Manager & Travel Experts Team Leader

Martin graduated with honors from Princeton University. He's been working shoulder to shoulder with Fred for the past 8 years at Exploration Journeys. Formerly he was a consultant at McKinsey & Co, general manager at a pan-American pharmaceutical company, and fund manager at one of the largest private-equity firms in Argentina. He has lived in Brazil, the United States, Argentina, Spain, Venezuela and Mexico.


Operations Manager & Travel Expert

Celeste has worked in different branches throughout her life. Graduating from Lincoln International School in Buenos Aires, following a career in hotel management to running a family business, she developed a keen eye and tools for logistics and customer service. Her passion for travel and being in contact with different world cultures, enabled her results‑oriented mind to widen its perspective on this field and excel at achieving outstanding customer happiness.


Operations & Travel Expert

Max has worked for the past 15 years in the travel industry, managing a portfolio of deluxe apartments to provide temporary rentals and assisting overseas clients looking to discover Argentina. His love for this industry stems from an inborn passion for service. He's a graduate of the International School in Buenos Aires (Lincoln School) and has attended Universidad del Salvador and Universidad de La Matanza. In addition, he's traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia; taking in all the local color and customs each culture has to offer.


Travel Expert

Aida, a charismatic and warm leader, obtained her degree in Business Administration at Universidad de Buenos Aires, with honors. She has worked for 10 years at Coca-Cola in trade marketing and marketing management. An avid traveler, she has visited pretty much all of Western Europe, the United States, and a few places in the Middle East. Since becoming a mother, Aida has mastered the art of traveling with (three!) small children, becoming the Exploration Journeys expert on family travel.


Travel Expert

Eva's passion is two-fold: children and traveling. She has dedicated more than a decade pursuing her career as a pre-K and Kindergarten instructor - holding an official instructor's degree. An experienced and well-connected traveler, Eva has been tapped by the Argentine National Census Bureau to serve as advisor and researcher in matters pertaining to incoming tourism to Argentina, for the past 6 years. Additionally, she has traveled extensively throughout Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico. Her know-how, eclectic background, and grounded outlook of the local marketplace make her a valuable asset to our company.


Information Technology

Mario, our IT consultant and leader of IT development, is founder and CEO at Nextcomm, a company that provides information technology and communication services for large and medium-sized corporations. He has ample experience working for the travel industry.


Finance & Administration

Silvia initiated her travel experience with a 90-day trip around the world for her honeymoon. She manages all back-office and financial matters with deft accuracy so the rest of the team can focus on all the fun stuff!

Our Best Tips for your Trip:
the Exploration Journeys Travel Booklet

Once you book your trip we will provide you with the perfect travel companion: our renowned Travel Booklet!
This one-of-a-kind sidekick is full of useful information and personalized tips,
to help you make the most out of your trip experience.

"I received the Travel book and it is absolutely the best trip plan that I have received in over 40 years of traveling. Not only are the daily trips described, but the essential data travelers seek as climate, clothing and phone contact numbers are included. Wonderful job." - Mitch Samuelson and Joan Raskin

"The travel booklet was beyond helpful, from the restaurant recommendations to the tipping guidelines, to the suggested clothes to bring. They answered all our questions before we even had them." - Sophia Yuen & Liza Chau

"The customized booklet prepared for us was with us every step of the way. What a terrific source of information from places to eat and shop, to hints on tipping, etc." - Neal & Barbara Eisner

"The Travel Booklet was the best travel tool ever. I cannot think of any way to improve this excellent hand guide book." - Joan McGirr

"The travel booklet had all sorts of additional important information and recommendations for shopping and dining. I had never seen anything like this before and it proved to be very helpful resource throughout our trip." - Neill Allen and Nancy Van Gelder

"The travel booklet was excellent and it had all the information we needed for the trip so there was no need to do extensive research" - Irina Mindel & Mitchell Olshansky

In your Travel Booklet you'll find lots of useful information and tips personalized for your specific trip itinerary such as:

Contact information for our local assistance team, who will go above and beyond in providing you with prompt, precise and meaningful assistance during your trip.


Day-by-day itinerary with detailed tour descriptions, pick-up times, etc.


Our favorite restaurant suggestions for each visited destination.


Full information about your hotels: addresses & phones, check-in / check-out times, distance to downtown and to airport, Wi-Fi availability, etc.


Detailed weather information for your travel dates and destinations, such as average rainfall and minimum and maximum temperatures expected.


Our clothing suggestions for each destination in addition to specific suggestions for some tours.


All the information you'll need for your flights: airline and flight number, flight times, luggage weight limits, cost for extra weight, available mileage programs, etc.


Taking your mobile phone to Argentina, how to dial to and from every destination, etc.


Helpful tips and other useful information to make the most out of your vacation: time zones, pointers on currency exchange, tipping, advice on museums & art galleries of note, useful info to make the most out of your free time, shopping tips, electricity & voltage information, etc.


All the necessary travel vouchers for your trip.

The Travel Booklet is designed and sent to you after full trip payment has been made. We will send you a printed version via FedEx, as well as a digital version via e-mail. Many guests download their digital version to their mobile phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) or tablet, which they bring on their trip.

Learn About the Argentina Tour Experiences Included in our Trips

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