Explore and Be Inspired in an Exclusive Voyage through Brazil's Unique Natural & Cultural Wonders

A 4x4 Jeep Safari Excursion through the Pantanal Wetlands

  • Aboard our safari vehicle we’ll explore deeply into one of the world’s top wildlife spotting destinations

The exotic and exciting wildlife of the Pantanal wetlands awaits, as it’s time to explore on a jeep safari the mosaic of flooded grasslands, savannas, and tropical forests that make up this richly diverse and vast expanse of land! We’ll travel through open fields, lagoons and flooded areas in search of the many intriguing animals that call these wetlands home, including the royalty of the Pantanal... the jaguar!

Our jeep safari adventure begins after eating a delicious Brazilian meal (breakfast or lunch depending on when your tour begins), when we’ll hop on board our adapted safari vehicle and begin a deep exploration into one of the world’s top wildlife spotting destinations. In fact, the Pantanal is known for having nearly of the greatest biodiversity in the world! And since our safari will be conducted by two expert guides, one of whom is our “Pantaneiro,” a local who knows the area well and can spot and track just about anything, and the other being a naturalist who is highly knowledgeable on Pantanal wildlife, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot the abundance of animals in the area.

As we’re driven deeper into the wetlands, we’ll have greater chances to come across this impressive biodiversity. Be on the lookout for capybaras (the largest rodent species), feral pigs, deer, caiman, countless bird species, including parakeets and the stunningly beautiful hyacinth macaws, and the giant anteater. This impressive animal is the largest of all the anteaters and can grow in length comparable to that of a six to seven-foot-tall human! With their 2-foot long tongue that they shoot and retract as fast as 3 times a second, they eat around 35,000 ants and termites a day, which is nearly 1 million insects per month!

As our wildlife safari excursion comes to an end, we’ll ride back to our lodge with the awesome experience of having discovered some of the hidden wonders and unique biodiversity the Pantanal has to offer.


Guide: 2 group guides. One is "Pantaneiro" local expert and the other a naturalist. The maximum group size for this tour is 12 travelers.


Vehicle: group vehicle.


Includes: snack (fruits, cookies, nuts) with non-alcoholic beverages.