City of Tango, the Mighty Iguazu Falls and the Patagonia Odyssey of Discovery

Discovery of Colossal Upsala Glacier and Experiencing a Patagonian Estancia

  • Navigating to the largest glacier in the national park: the Upsala Glacier

We’ll embark on a journey of discovery to admire the second largest glacier in South America: the Upsala Glacier, a Patagonian ice giant accessible only by boat. Our navigation will also take us to Estancia Cristina, a ranch founded by an Englishman and his wife in 1914, which tells the fascinating story of pioneers in the Patagonian region. Here, we’ll have the chance to take part in a variety of activities; including a ride in our all-terrain vehicles to a panoramic balcony from where we’ll enjoy a majestic view of the eastern face of the Upsala Glacier.

The tour unfolds as follows: In the morning we’ll take a 1-hour ride to Punta Bandera port to start our 3-hour navigation to Estancia Cristina. As we navigate towards Upsala Glacier, we take in the beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains surrounding us; great opportunity to get out your camera and start creating memories!

We’ll navigate to the western face of the Upsala Glacier from a distance. As we reach Upsala Channel, we may see icebergs of different shapes and sizes floating in the frigid waters, which will be the prelude to the beautiful views we’ll enjoy of the magnificent Upsala Glacier - the second largest glacier in South America.

After a ride by boat from the Upsala Glacier, we’ll find Cristina Canal and Estancia Cristina. We’ll spend 6 hours exploring the estancia. First, there will be a guided tour of the Costumbrista Museum, which was originally the old shearing shed. Here, we’ll learn about the history of the estancia and the traditional life on the estancias during pioneer times.

Next, we’ll hop onto our all-terrain vehicles and drive for about 1 and a half hours through the mountainous roads of the estancia. After that, we’ll commence a 20-minute walk until we get to a panoramic balcony, where we’ll spend approximately 30 minutes appreciating the awe-inspiring views of the Eastern face of the Upsala Glacier, along with the seemingly infinite Andes Mountain Range, the largest mountain range on the planet!

After admiring the beauty of this gorgeous natural setting, we’ll return to the estancia to enjoy some lunch. After a little bit of free leisure time, we’ll board our boat for a 2-hour ride back to Punta Bandera for a transfer back to our hotel, as the sun begins to set on our day of navigating and glaciers exploration, with a camera full of fresh memories to share with friends and family back home!

PLEASE NOTE: This tour takes up an entire day, it is long, with a departure of 7 AM approximately and a return at 8 / 8:30 PM approximately. Also, please note that the boat rides to Estancia Cristina and back have a total navigation time of 5 hours (3 hours to get there, and 2 hours to get back). Weather conditions in this area usually allow for smooth navigating, but can also be very windy, causing the boat to move. So, if you are prone to seasickness but would still like to experience a seafaring tour, we would advise booking one of our other tours, which also offers you the chance to enjoy navigating among glaciers and icebergs, on a larger boat and in full-VIP fashion. In it, you’ll witness the splendor of the Upsala glacier (the largest glacier in Patagonia Glaciers National Park) as well as the Spegazzini glacier (the tallest glacier in the national park), among others.

Please note that the all-terrain vehicles used travel on a bumpy road, and may therefore cause some discomfort to those who are prone to car sickness.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions. We’ll have the chance to enjoy a beautiful view of the Eastern face of Upsala Glacier, from the exclusive viewpoint of Estancia Cristina, but not closely from atop the boat.


Difficulty: easy.


Duration: full day (approximately 13 hours from the time you leave your hotel until you return). Please note that the rides to Estancia Cristina and back have a total navigation time of 5 hours (3 hours to get there, and 2 hours to get back).


Guide: group guide.


Vehicle: Group vehicle for transfer to boat pier, and also group vehicle in the estancia. The vehicles used at the estancia for the ride to the panoramic viewpoint where you’ll see the Upsala Glacier, are all-terrain vehicles with a capacity which ranges from 15 to 25 travelers per vehicle depending on the vehicles used on your tour day.


Includes: Entrance tickets to Glaciers National Park and lunch with 1 non-alcoholic beverages per person.