Uco Valley Wine Tour: Tasting Argentina’s Best High-Altitude Wines (private tour)

  • It’s time to savor some of the best high altitude wines in the world

It’s time to savor some of the best high-altitude wines in the world, with a tour of the wineries of the scenic and picturesque Uco Valley. Guided by a local wine expert, you’ll have the chance to tour the facilities of three prestigious wineries while getting an in-depth look at the process of winemaking, and of course… sampling of these ruby-colored wines!

Sitting at the foothills of the pristine, snow-capped Andes, the Uco Valley presents the highest altitudes at which wines are produced, nestled in the province of Mendoza. With a wide temperature range, constant sunshine, and the perfect soil characteristics; the grapes produced here have reached international distinction and recognition. So, it’s no wonder that prestigious winemakers the likes of Moet Chandon, Kendal Jackson, Catena, and Rothschild have all planted vineyards in the Uco Valley!

The grapes flourish in the microclimates of the area, enabling production of wines with exceptional intensity in color, aromatic expressions, and the ideal body… all coming together for a unique exploration of flavor.

The grapes here have the thickest skin of all grapes grown in the region, giving them that special attribute, which makes it possible to produce some of the finest wines in Argentina. Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of superior quality proudly hail from the Uco Valley area.

Our full-day wine tour starts in the morning, when we’ll meet up with our oenologist (wine expert), who will be with us throughout the tour. We’ll head for the Uco Valley, where we’ll stop at 2 of the 3 wineries on our itinerary. Upon touring the facilities, we’ll learn about the winemaking process, as well as the agricultural methods involved; including irrigating the vineyards; care, breeding, and fractionation of grapes to make different types of wine. Shortly thereafter comes the best part: some wine tasting!

Next up, we’ll head to our tour’s third winery. Here we’ll be treated to a gourmet lunch, guided wine tasting included, as our guide explains different tasting techniques, as well as the importance of the cork in the bottle and the use of glasses. We’ll have plenty of opportunities to implement this newfound knowledge, as we experience the taste of several different types of wines.

Our high-altitude wine tour concludes after lunch, with a ride back to our hotel, now with a profound knowledge and understanding of what makes the Uco Valley a truly unique winemaking region in the world.

Since you’ll be doing this tour with your own private vehicle and guide, you’ll be able to enjoy each attraction at your own pace; making all the stops you want, all the while enjoying personalized assistance and care from your expert guide. You’ll also enjoy more convenient and faster transfers to and from your hotel, as there will be no other travelers to pick up or drop off at other hotels.

The winery options we work with for this tour are the best in the region: Clos de los 7, Andeluna, O ’Fournier, Lurton, Salentein, La Celia, Pulenta Estate, Atamisque, among others. We’ll make sure to select the best available options for you, taking into consideration not only their wines, but also their facilities, customer service, and making sure you visit wineries which will provide complementary, and not similar, experiences.

Note: We may stop for lunch on either the second or third visited winery, depending on the available visit times for the wineries.


Difficulty: none.


Duration: full day (approximately from 9 to 5 PM, depending on the wineries visited and your hotel location).


Guide: private wine expert guide.


Vehicle: private vehicle (the transfer time from your hotel to the first winery can range between 50 minutes to hour and a half depending on the winery visited and your hotel location).


Includes: visit to 3 wineries with wine tasting, and gourmet lunch in one of the 3 visited wineries.