Images of Buenos Aires: European Heritage and Latin American Passion (private tour)

  • Plaza de Mayo and the Cabildo

Buenos Aires has been chosen for 3 consecutive years (2014, 2015 and 2016) as the #1 best destination to visit in South America by millions of Trip Advisor users in their “Traveler’s Choice” contest...and rightfully so. This cosmopolitan, vibrant, and sophisticated city, commonly called the “Paris of Latin America,” is the best place in the world to enjoy a first-class tango show and to eat some of the tastiest steak accompanied by the celebrated Argentine Malbec wine.

Our expert “porteño” (as locals are called) guide will take you on a cultural journey, where you’ll get to know the most iconic neighborhoods and highlights in the city. This tour is also a great opportunity to learn from your expert tour guide, the needed information and tips to make the most of your free time in the city.

Our explorations will begin at the Plaza de Mayo (May Square). The site of this 19th century plaza has origins dating all the way back in the foundation of Buenos Aires in 1580. It’s the oldest plaza in Buenos Aires and has always been the focal point of political life in the city. Important national revolutions and proclamations were held here (including the revolution that led to Argentina’s independence from Spain in the Month of May 1810, hence the square’s name). Even today Plaza de Mayo is the epicenter of major political demonstrations and public gatherings. And since it’s always been the beating heart of political life in Buenos Aires, it is a most suitable place to begin to get acquainted to the city.

We will continue and traverse the neighbourhood of Montserrat, a historic neighborhood that is home to some of the most important public buildings in Buenos Aires, including the City Hall and the Libertador Building (that houses Ministry of Defense). You will also have a chance to see Casa Rosada (the Pink House). This is analogous to the White House in the United States and is the seat of government for the executive (the President and Ministers of State).

Next, we’ll journey through the oldest neighbourhood in Argentina, San Telmo, an area that has a great Bohemian vibe! The old cobblestone streets are lined with colonial buildings, market stalls, and antique stores. We might also see some street performers in San Telmo, as it is a hotspot for Tango!

From San Telmo we’ll move on to the neighboring La Boca, a traditionally Italian area of the city that is particularly known for its vibrant colors. There is one particular street of colorful houses: the Caminito (“Little Walkway”). As you walk down Caminito, the blues, greens, yellows and just about every color of the rainbow will catch your eye. This area is also known for being the home of the world-renowned soccer club Boca Juniors, ranked second in the world by the quantity of international titles won. The club plays their home matches in their stadium La Bombonera ("The Box of Chocolates" in Spanish). You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled here, as there are sometimes impromptu tango dances that take place on the streets!

We’ll then make our way to the Puerto Madero neighborhood, which displays the latest architectural trends in the city. With its many modern and post-modern buildings, it’s a relatively quiet upper-class residential neighborhood with a charming esplanade along the canal, which is great to visit and walk during your free time in the city.

We then head to Palermo Chico (Little Palermo), a chic neighborhood that has quickly become one of the most desirable areas of the city. Attracting those with a certain degree of glamour and class, the neighborhood features some of the most classic small mansions as well as the most expensive real estate in the city. One great feature of Palermo Chico (that we will drive along) is the Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods). These 400 hectares of greenery within the city include a Japanese garden, a rose garden, and also a zoo.

Finally, we’ll visit the world-famous Recoleta Cemetery. You can quite easily get lost in this labyrinth of a burial ground with over 6,400 statues, sarcophagi, coffins, and crypts! Some of the tombs and crypts are so luxurious and ornate that it was listed by CNN as one of the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world! This was the city’s first public cemetery, and within its grounds lie some of Argentina’s most celebrated citizens including Eva Peron (the nation’s beloved ’Evita’). Also buried there is a granddaughter of Napoleon, plus many presidents and Nobel Prize winners.

As the tour comes to an end and having seen many of the fascinating faces of this wonderful city, you will feel you truly know Buenos Aires.

The 2 stops we’ll make in this tour are at: downtown (Plaza de Mayo) and Recoleta neighborhood (to visit the cemetery).

Since you’ll be doing this tour with your own private vehicle and guide, you’ll be able to enjoy each attraction at your own pace; making all of the stops you want while enjoying personalized assistance and care from your expert guide. You’ll also enjoy more convenient and faster transfers from and to your hotel, as there will be no other travelers to pick up or drop off at other hotels.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary, stops and duration may change subject to decisions of the tour guide to optimize your tour experience.


Difficulty: none.


Duration: 3 hours. If you arrive to Buenos Aires on a morning flight, we highly suggest doing this tour on the first afternoon as this tour is a great opportunity to learn from your expert tour guide the needed information and tips to make the most of your free time in the city.


Guide: private guide.


Vehicle: private vehicle.