Icy Blue Giants: Navigate the Largest Patagonian Glaciers and take the most Awe-inspiring Glacier Photos (in boat’s VIP section)

  • Navigating among the largest Patagonian Glaciers

Hop aboard as we embark on a discovery journey to admire the second largest glacier in South America: the Upsala , as well as other Patagonian ice giants only accessible by boat. The glaciers’ grandness is imposing, and their color remarkable: ranging from pure white to shades of dark blue. We’ll get comfortable in our seats, inside the exclusive VIP cabin on the upper floor of our ship, where we’ll experience better panoramic views with superior comfort and service.

On our way to the Upsala Glacier, we’ll enjoy great photo opportunities while we see icebergs of incredible and diverse shapes and sizes float in the frigid waters. Sometimes huge portions of ice break loose from the Upsala Glacier, creating “floating isles” with the length of up to a about 1 mile (1.6 kilometers)!

We’ll also see the Spegazzini Glacier, an exception (along with the Perito Moreno Glacier) to the general worldwide retreat of glaciers, as a result of global warming. While the Upsala Glacier has experienced a significant retreat and thinning over the last 40 years, losing 21.6 square miles (56 square kilometers) of ice, the Spegazzini Glacier - in the same timespan - only lost 0.027 square miles (0.07 square kilometers) of ice. With its highest point standing at 442 feet (135 meters), the Spegazzini Glacier is also the tallest glacier at Glaciers National Park.

In this tour experience we’ll also disembark at Glaciers Bay for about an hour, where we’ll enjoy lunch and a short trek through the forest that will take us to admire spectacular views of the Spegazzini glacier.

Our tour kicks off in the morning with a transfer from your hotel, and a 1 hour ride to Bandera Port. We’ll settle into our VIP cabin and begin our navigation of the northern arm of Lake Argentino, where we’ll enjoy marvelous views of the snow-capped mountains as they surround and ensconce the lake.

As we approach Upsala Channel, we’ll start seeing icebergs of different shapes and sizes, which will be the prelude to the first view of the magnificent Upsala Glacier. As we draw closer, we’ll fully appreciate the glacier’s immensity and cold, crystalline beauty.

We’ll then navigate to Spegazzini Channel, where we’ll get a view of the Spegazzini Glacier (the tallest glacier at Glaciers National Park), which will captivate us with its dramatic landscape of towering walls as well as the various shapes and colors of its icebergs We’ll also get to see the Seco Glacier, which in English means “Dry Glacier”. You will notice the exposed rock and dense forests where ice once covered the land, as evidence of the Seco Glacier’s retreat throughout the decades. We’ll then disembark at Glaciers Bay for an hour and a half to have lunch and enjoy a short walk that will take us to admire spectacular views of the Spegazzini glacier.

The tour ends as we navigate back to Puerto Bandera, and transfer back to the hotel, having learned and witnessed first-hand just how mighty nature can be; and, at the same time, how susceptible it is to the world’s changing climate.

If you are looking for great photo opportunities of glaciers and icebergs, this is definitely the best glaciers navigation tour for you!

Important: when very large icebergs are present on the navigation route, for safety reasons the close-up access to the Upsala Glacier is not possible, so we will be able to enjoy a more distant but also beautiful view.

The tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions.


Difficulty: easy.


Duration: full day.


Guide: self-guided. English assistance on boat.


Vehicle: Group vehicle.


Includes: Entrance tickets to Glaciers National Park and tickets for seats in the VIP cabin. The VIP section is located above the standard section and has a privileged view, more ample and comfortable seats and exclusive assistance for VIP guests.
Its capacity is an average of 20 guests depending on the boat used (while the boat’s total capacity varies between 160 and 250 travelers depending on the boat used). The VIP service includes lunch with water, soft drinks, wine and beer at the VIP section of the restaurant at the Glaciers Bay, where we’ll disembark for an hour and a half.