Iconic Images of Ushuaia: Navigating the Beagle Channel in a Small Yacht

  • Departing the scenic Ushuaia, bound for open waters!

Get ready to traverse the same waters that famous naturalist Charles Darwin navigated aboard the HMS Beagle in 1833, while sightseeing some of the most iconic sights in the beautiful city of Ushuaia.

You’ll hop aboard our catamaran - a large and sturdy boat. As we set off and away from the harbor, you’ll feel the Patagonian wind through your hair as you take in the panoramic view of Ushuaia’s picturesque shoreline, with the backdrop of snow-peaked mountains.

We’ll enjoy a great view of Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (or, Explorer’s Lighthouse, in French) which guards the sea entrance to Ushuaia. This lighthouse is often mistaken for "The Lighthouse at the End of the World" made famous in the novel by Jules Verne. And even though it is not the same lighthouse, it’s the last mainland reference sailors see as they embark on their way to Antarctica.

We sail Southwest, and approach Sea Lion’s Island, where, from the ship, we’ll be able to enjoy the sight of sea lions bathing on the rock shore.

We’ll next head to Los Pajaros Island (or, Birds’ Island), where from our boat we’ll see a great many imperial cormorants that inhabit the island, along with albatrosses and steamer ducks.

After enjoying the birds in their natural habitat, we’ll navigate to Bridges Islands. If the weather permits and it’s not too windy, you’ll be able to disembark and hike on the island to see some of the archaeological remains of the Yamana tribes. As we stroll along the island, you will see the largest Yamana concheros (shell deposits) on site, and you’ll also be able to take in views of the shorelines of both Argentina and Chile.

We’ll be able to explore and walk around the island for approximately 20 to 30 minutes before our day on the sea and island draws to a close. Afterwards, we’ll return to Ushuaia’s port for a comfortable transfer back to our hotel, with a camera full of new memories to share.

Important: This small boat tour cannot be done when there are very strong winds in the area. In such a case, we’ll provide the traditional Beagle Channel navigation tour in the large catamarans, which have a capacity of 60 to 140 travelers; depending on the specific boat used.


Difficulty: easy. If you tend to get seasick on boats, we recommend the boat tour in the large catamaran which is a more stable boat.


Duration: approximately 4 hours.


Guide: self-guided.


Vehicle: private vehicle for transfer to port. The yacht has a capacity of up to 26 passengers. This is a smaller boat that allows you to get a closer view of the tour’s highlights.


Includes: entrance fee to port.