A Speedboat Adventure Up-Close the Iguazu Falls

  • Get ready for a unique, up-close view of the mighty Iguazu Falls!

Get ready for a thrilling speedboat adventure, enjoying a unique, up-close perspective of the majestic Iguazu Falls and experience a different viewpoint of the falls from what you’ll see from the panoramic boardwalks. Our speedboat will zip the waters of the Iguazu River and approach the falls getting thoroughly splashed by their mist as you hear their loud roar!

This ride provides a unique and extremely close-up view of the falls with the opportunity to take outstanding close-up photos. To get to the boat dock you’ll ride a truck through the jungle and continue with a navigation up the Iguazu River canyon by the river rapids.

The tour starts with a truck ride through the jungle where you will enjoy a wide variety of flora. It’s very unusual to see animals as most are active during the night or stay away from this trail.

After the truck ride and a 1970 feet walk (600 meters), you’ll arrive at the dock. You’ll receive life vests along with a waterproof bag for storing cameras, cell phones, and anything else you may want to protect from water. You will board a double-engine speed boat, providing plenty of power and safety to take on the mighty falls. Now, it’s time to hop on board and begin our waterfall adventure!

The boat will take you to the Macuco fall, a 65 feet (20 meter) high waterfall that emerges among the millenary rocks. Get ready for a super close-up experience and splash by the Three Musketeers falls (three side-by-side falls named after the famous French novel) and a beautiful panoramic view of the Devil’s Throat (the most powerful falls in the Iguazu system) with more than 262 feet (80 meters) of height. It will be a ride of pure adrenaline! The tour ends on a deck where there’s a bar and a craft shop. There are also changing rooms, so you can change your clothes if you want to.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions and decisions of the tour guide to optimize your tour experience.


Difficulty: easy. It has access with exclusive structures and services for disabled visitors.


Duration: 2 hours. This tour is done on the same day you do the Brazilian side of the falls tour.


Guide: group tour guide.


Vehicle: Double-engine motorboat for the boat ride. The boat’s maximum capacity is 25 travelers.