A Scenic Tour of Mount Tronador & Nahuel Huapi National Pak (private tour)

  • A picture-perfect location, as we make our way to Alerces Waterfall

Join us as we head out to enjoy nature’s amazing scenery, with a tour through one of the most strikingly beautiful areas of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. You’ll be lead through majestic mountain valleys and lush, scenic forests; while taking in the sights of pristine alpine lakes, streams, and inspiring waterfalls. While heading into the heart of the Andean Patagonian Forest, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the allure of the Black Glacier (Ventisquero Negro) and the awe-inspiring sight of the triple-peaked Mount Tronador, a now-extinct volcano, and the highest peak in the region.

Your tour will begin with a morning ride to Nahuel Huapi National Park, where you’ll head into the heart of the Andean Patagonian Forest, and stop at some breathtaking panoramic viewpoints; including views of the Black Glacier, known for its peculiar shade of black, despite being fed by crystal-clear waters from the Rio Manso Glacier. Your guide will also point out the sight of the pristine Manso River as it descends down Mount Tronador, zigzagging down towards the Pacific Ocean.

Next it’ll be time to discover the towering splendor of Mount Tronador and its three peaks. Tronador, an extinct volcano, is nonetheless a commanding sight to behold, as it towers over other nearby mountains of the Andes. In fact, it stands at an impressive 11,453 feet (3,491 meters), around 3,000 feet (1,000 meters) higher than neighboring peaks. Its name in Spanish alludes to the sound thunder makes; this, due to the falling sercas (blocks or columns of glacial ice) crashing down, creating that familiar thunderous roar. If conditions permit, you’ll also have the chance to see Los Alerces Waterfall, a small yet powerful waterfall tucked away in a forest of old cypress trees.

After our day of exploring and enjoying the surrounding scenery, it’ll be time to head back to your hotel, with a camera filled with brand-new memories!

Important: Some outlooks may or may not be visited, depending on the conditions of the road or their access; and if access is not possible, your tour guide will replace them with other important highlights in the area.

Since you’ll be doing this tour with your own private vehicle and guide, you’ll be able to enjoy each attraction at your own pace; making all the stops you want, all the while enjoying personalized assistance and care from your expert guide. You’ll also enjoy more convenient and faster transfers to and from your hotel, as there will be no other travelers to pick up or drop off at other hotels.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions and decisions of the tour guide to optimize your tour experience.


Difficulty: easy.


Duration: full day. Time for lunch is included but lunch cost is not included. Your tour guide will suggest options for lunch.


Guide: private guide.


Vehicle: private vehicle.


Includes: entrance ticket to Nahuel Huapi National Park.